Bad shroom experiences

Have a not so good time on shrooms? Spill the beans!

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  1. Link to my video explaining it in (kind of) better detail

    Back in the day my sister and I decided to try mushrooms, at that time I just wanted to hallucinate and see what became of it. I've always heard stories of people tripping out and seeing things and I thought it would be interesting, so we get these shrooms and we go to my friends house, we went into her little stoner room lol, it had bean bag chairs and it was just totally stonered out. And so we take the mushrooms and then my friends boyfriend begins reading us poetry, and at one point while he was reading he had an idea or something, so he looks up and say "HEY!" and right when he says that a green streak shoots off the top of his head, well both me and my sister jump, he notices that me and my sister both have the same reaction at the same time and he asked us what we saw and we both saw the same thing. that's really what got me very interested in continuing shrooms, so I do it again the next week, except this time I'm at my other friends house and I also have different shrooms, so we're gettign ready to take them because I wanted to replay what happened with my sister, I wanted to have something equally cool with my friends. So I bring the shrooms out and they say "You have to take twice the amount you took last week, otherwise you're not gunna feel it." So we're taking the new mushrooms and I notice they are a lot smaller than the ones I had taken previously. So I was like ok I need to take twice as many, so I open up the quarter bag and I eat half a quarter of these little tiny cap mushrooms, and my friend and his girlfriend takes a little bit until they say they don't want anymore, and what they didn't eat I ate the entire rest of the bag, so I have taken almost a full quarter bag of shrooms, about 15 minutes later it kicks in and I remember looking at my friend Shane and asking if he had a bad feeling or did he feel bad, and he said "No, I'd be fine if it weren't for all this dust in the air!" and then I realize that its kicking in, and its not just kicking in, it's kicking in hard, fast, and in a very bad way. I was in a bad place, it was a bad place to be in, not to put Shane to shame, but him and his girlfriend aren't the best people to do shrooms with lol, and neither was this house man, it looked like something from the Texas chainsaw massacre! I think it even got torn down since then. Anyway I get nausiated right away and run to the bathroom and start puking, I puke for about 6 hours, and every time I puke the throw up comes out red because I'm tripping. So I think I'm dying and puking up blood. BAD EXPERIENCE! I felt like I was literally a dot moving through other dots in a different space and time FAR away from here. So 17 hours later I was taken to the hospital and told the doctor my friends drugged me. She didn't do anything about it just let me stay there until I was better. So I get home the next day and my sister says "Hey you have a white streak through the top of your head." So I look in the mirror and sure enough I did! I was literally so scared that I was going to die that my hair developed a white spot. I always thoguht it was urban legend but it's not!