Bad salvia trips

Did you forget what planet you were on and flip out? Yeah me too... tell everyone about it!

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  1. My first salvia trip was fucking crazy... It was my senior year in highschool (12th) and I had bought a 40X salvia pack, I was kind of nervous at first but then my buddy and I picked a day to do it, so we go to his house and his brother who is our age already is smokin bud and has like 4 chicks over, in my head im thinkin "Fuck im gunna make myself look stupid..." And so we go outside and we're all sitting around my friend's table, he packs his pipe FULL of salvia, I light up and inhale, at first I don't feel shit. So im like wtf this didnt do anything, as I exhaled to tell everyone it didn't work, that was it...I did not know what fucking planet I was on, everything felt really weird, nothing had any shapes or sounds, everything was just a mirage of colors. After about 6-7 minutes when I came to everyone was laughing at me because I was yelling at them while I was out of it, I do not remember anything except for the fact that I literally thought it would last forever, I was so scared, in my head I knew I was tripping and couldn't control it, I thought I would live the rest of my life a vegetable like this. I swore I would never do it again. I did and if you want to hear about that time, look in the good trip section.