Good/Great salvia trips

Have a good time and get a good laugh from the powerful properties of salvia? Tell us about it!

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  1. This was my second time trying salvia, this time I bought a 20X. It was a really coll day, just hung out with friends ALL day, it was a friday so we were planning on going to a party or something later, so we thought might as well do some salvia to laugh and pass time. Honestly it is now one of my best memories. We all passed it around taking hits and holding it in until all 6 of us had it in our lungs(kinda hard to do cuz we had to repack the bowl) anyway, we all exhaled and immediately I started to trip, it was a very good feeling, everything was not colors like the first time I did it, I knew what to expect this time so I just sat back and enjoyed it, I truly felt one with the world and SOOO calm, although I was laughing my ass off and so was everyone else, I just felt safe and very happy I was with friends. I highly recommend trying it again if you have a bad trip your first time, because then you know what to expect and the ride goes so much smoother and you enjoy every minute of it. And nothing beats hangin out with good friends smokin and talking about whatever...